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  101 Jup Ji Sahib’s path EVERY DAY.

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gurmit kaur mit


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PostSubject: 101 Jup Ji Sahib’s path EVERY DAY.   Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:09 pm

Our Mahan Kathakars preach unbelievable & impossible stories. Just 2 days ago I heard one saying that a certain “Sant ji” did 101 Jup Ji Sahib’s path EVERY DAY.

Even if we take 10 minutes for 1 path that makes it (101*10/60 =) 16.83 = 17 hours and, without thinking, someone from the Sangat goes in for a loud Jaikara.

Logically the Sant Ji must be doing other Nitnem Bani’s too, taking breaks for tea, going to the toilet, bathing. It takes me 25 minutes to 40 minutes for one Jupji Sahib path!

I wonder how Sangat takes everything without questioning. We have been pushed to keep our minds CLOSED and never to question. I am sure it may be have started with 5, then some kathakar said 11, up-man-ship resulted in 25 and then 50 and currently 101. God only knows what the truth is.
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101 Jup Ji Sahib’s path EVERY DAY.
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